Typing Assignments

Typing.com is the website you will use for these assignments.  I have already created your usernames and passwords.  I will give/have given them to you in class.

10 pt quiz grade each week – You will earn 10 points or 0 points; no partial credit will be given for these assignments.


**It is vitally important that you take a screen shot of each completed set!  Sometimes my records don’t indicate that you have finished each set.  If you see a 0 listed for that particular score, you will have to email the screen shots, and then I will change your grade.  Remember, it is full credit or no credit – I will not do partial credit.**

5 Jan – Take 1:00 test. Email me the results page – screen shot. (not graded)

12 Jan – J, F, and Space; U, R, and K Keys; D, E, and I Keys

19 Jan – C, G, and N Keys; Beginner Review 1

26 Jan – T, S, and L Keys; O, B, and A Keys; V, H, and M Keys

2 Feb – Period and Comma; Beginner Review 2

10 Feb – W, X, and ; Keys; Q, Y, and P Keys; Z and Enter Keys

16 Feb – Common English Words

23 Feb – Easy Home Row Words; Easy Top Row Words; Easy Bottom Row Words

1 March – Shift Key & Capitalization; Sentences

8 March – Speed Drills; Basic Punctuation

15 March – Paragraphs; Advanced Paragraphs

16 March – Take 1:00 min test again. Email me screen shot. (not graded)

4 April – Intermediate Wrap Up

11 April – Skill Builder Drills; Numbers Letters Numbers

18 April – Jokes and Laughs; Accuracy Drills

25 April – Nitro Type Content; Advanced Symbols

26 April – Take 3:00 min test. Email me screen shot. (not graded)