About Magistra Moore

Magistra Moore teaches 12th Grade English, AP Literature, and Latin in the High School at Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School.  This is her 13th year at MCPS; she has previously taught English for 7th grade, 8th grade, and 11th grade.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and History from Texas A&M University, a Master of Medieval Studies from University of Notre Dame, and a Master of Arts in Teaching from University of St Mary.  (Magistra is Latin for teacher – it is feminine, 1st declension nominative.)

Magistra Moore’s Latin wesbite: doceolatinam.wordpress.com.

Please contact at: kmoore@montgomerycatholic.org

My Philosophy of Education

I believe all children can learn. How the students learn, how quickly they learn, and how much they learn varies from child to child. I believe, through a teacher varying lesson types, teaching techniques and assessment vehicles, a child can utilize his or her strengths in learning. I believe that a teacher must employ these differing teaching methods in order to reach each student in his or her room, giving students a variety of learning opportunities and vehicles. I believe that a classroom teacher needs additional support from other departments in the school, such as the resource department, to ensure that the teacher creates the best environment for the students who need additional help or who learn very differently from the majority of the class. I believe that a teacher should get to know his or her students in order to understand more fully each student’s strengths and challenges; this way, the teacher can guide the individual while presenting material to the whole class. I believe that all children should be challenged, that all children should be given opportunities and taught the skills necessary to succeed, and that all children should know how to learn and rebound from failure. I believe that teachers can provide a safety net for students, in conjunction with parents, to be able to fail and then reach success as a result of lessons learned. The teachers must create an environment that allows for students to work toward goals, push themselves, and be pushed and then celebrate each achievement and grow from each setback. I believe that God has a plan for every student that I have the privilege to teach and that He wants me to love each student as He loves us all.


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