Independent Reading

Students will have a broad range of choices for their independent reading this year – pretty much any book is open.  I ask that students read something they have not read before and that it be close to their grade level.  I can help in finding appropriate books.

Students will be calculating their reading rates, and from there they will determine their reading goals of pages per week.

We will start with the goal of 2 hours worth of reading per week; I hope that students will find themselves able to read more.

Students will then have a choice of assignment to do after a book is finished.  I will keep track of their reading during “conferences” as we have independent reading time, and students will keep track of their own goals for pages per week.

Independent Reading counts for 10% of the grade, but more than getting a good average in this category, I want students to develop stamina for long periods of reading.  This skill will help them in their future.

AP Literature students are asked to alternate between books from the AP list and any book of their choice.  Any student is welcome to read a book from the AP list, and students may certainly read them exclusively if they desire.

AP Independent Reading Book List

For all students:

Independent Reading Permission Contract – A copy of this went home with your student, and I asked you and your student to sign a sheet stating that you’ve read this letter.

As students are looking for another book to read, I recommend using this website:


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