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Asking for Recommendations

A person writing your recommendation needs to have all the information about the scholarship or school that you can provide – it allows him/her to personalize and tailor the letter to you and the school.  Most places now ask you to provide names and email addresses so that they can contact your recommenders directly.  Most people writing a recommendation are doing so under the assumption that their recommendation is private; I, for one, would not write a recommendation if I don’t feel I could write a strong one, so please don’t ask for a copy of it.  If the placement or scholarship for which you are applying gives you an address, please provide that to your recommender (a really nice gesture is to provide an envelope already addressed and stamped).

Don’t wait until a week before the deadline (unless something came up quickly); ask the teacher/coach/employer/counselor at least 2-3 weeks in advance.  Hand or email a copy of your résumé to help your recommender include everything that he/she can.

Write your recommender(s) thank-you notes.  Write thank you-notes to anyone who helps you apply for college/scholarships.

Scholarships Available

Potential Magazine – check periodically as they update often

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