School Year 2018-2019


Welcome to my class! I am so excited about this upcoming year – we are going to do great things!

Please know that I will update this website from time to time – my main avenue for communication will be through Google Classroom with students.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you might have:

Don’t forget Summer Reading!  Email me to get the Google Classroom Code – let me know if you will be in Standard English or AP English.




Google Classroom


I am using Google Classroom to disseminate most (if not all) my information now.  That platform also allows me to have students turn in much of their work electronically.

Your student should be able to let you know what he or she has due – have them show you the Google Classroom, and you can see everything that is due and what they’ve turned in.

If you would like more information, please email me at

Thank you!


Magistra Moore

Supplies! (Tax-Free Weekend Coming Up!)


Welcome to Senior Year!

Tax-Free Weekend is THIS weekend – July 19-21, 2017.

Supplies for 12 Grade English/AP Literature & Composition

  • 2-inch 3-ring binder
  • Notebook paper
  • Dividers for a 3-ring binder
  • Notecards – 2-3 packs of 100
  • Blue or black ink pens, pencils, highlighters
  • One pack of pens or pencils for classroom supplies
  • One pack of notebook paper for classroom supplies

Any supplies that you like to use for your own organization.

Please email me with any questions you might have:


Magistra Moore

Lots of Info!


Research Paper: parenthetical-documentation – You can also look in your old MLA Handbook (pg. 213-232) or the Pocket Style Manual (pg. will get back to you on that – can’t put my hand on mine at the moment…sorry!) Also check out the link to the Owl at Purdue.  PLEASE NOTE: Review the Plagiarism Warning! plagiarism-warning

Your paper is due to some time on Monday, December 12th.  Make sure that you upload the correct one – you will not be given another chance to upload the correct one. Try to get it done and turned in early; that way, you can relax a bit (or study for finals!).

Final Exams:

Tuesday – Dec 13th – 3rd and 5th

Wednesday – Dec 14th – 4th and 1st

Thursday – Dec 15th – 2nd and 5th

Friday – Dec 16th – 1st

List of topics to review are listed on the board in my classroom.

I am available after school for help!







Your HW for this week (October 24-28) is to read through the Research Paper Procedure document and start researching your paper – the causes and effects of your real-world problem.

Right now, you MUST use sources from the Alabama Virtual Library; you will be able to use others later, but stay there for now because those are scholarly sources.

Start with the Opposing Viewpoints in Context and Points of View Reference Center databases we used in class on Friday.

Please see me after school if you need help.  I will answer questions in class, but we are working on projects in class, so our time for research is limited right now.


Mrs. Moore

Important Announcement and This Week In English 12


I have an important announcement – I will not be able to finish grading the narrative essays for this quarter.  I am employing a new way to provide feedback, which will result ultimately in better feedback and better writing, but it is taking me longer than I had planned.  I am really sorry.  These will be the first grades for Quarter 2; the essay corrections will also be on the second quarter.


This Week in English 12 – We will be starting research on our real-world problem, so please being notecards and a pouch to keep them in by Friday.  You will also turn in your real-world problem research topic on Friday.  We are also starting ancient Indian Literature, and that will be fun!

This Week in AP Literature – We will work on, in class, a poetry presentation; you will present next Monday.  Towards the end of the week, we will get The Sun Also Rises.  We will be starting research on our real-world problem, so please being notecards and a pouch to keep them in by Friday.  You will also turn in your real-world problem research topic on Friday.

Don’t forget our Senior Escape Day on Wednesday!  Get those permission slips into the office!



Essay Assignments


World Lit:

Narrative Essay – Due by end of day Oct 13th (turned in to me in my classroom – I will be here until 5:30)

1. Base it on a Proverb from pg. 130-131 in the textbook.

2. Quote the proverb at the beginning of your essay.  Use the intro to explain it.

3. Write a detailed narrative of your incident/event.  Use vivid imagery – word pictures that appeal to the 5 senses – to make your reader “see” what is happening.

4. Conclude explaining how this incident/event illustrates the African proverb you chose.

5. This is HANDWRITTEN.  You should have a rough draft AND a final copy.  Make sure that you actually edit your draft.

6. See me by Monday if you need help writing this.  You should work a little bit each day on this, and it will get done.

7. Good websites to check:;

AP Lit:

James Joyce’s “Araby” – How does the imagery, especially religious imagery, contribute to the coming-of-age theme of “Araby”?  This essay is due this Friday (14 Oct) – on

Notes on Araby



This Week in English 12


This week in AP English – we are going to explore short stories and how to analyze them as well as write another AP-style essay.  Also, upload your resume to our google classroom if you haven’t.  Poetry Response due this Thursday on the google classroom as well.

This week in English 12 – we are starting our first unit over ancient world literature.  It’s going to be EPIC!  Type your essay and upload it to by 9:30 pm on Thursday (9/8).  PLEASE see me in tutorials if you need any help with uploading up your paper, making sure it is in MLA format, making your Work Cited page, or anything else.

MLA Format Notes

  • Double spaced – the whole paper!
  • Margins – 1 inch all around
  • Left – MLA heading
  • Centered – Title
  • Left Aligned – all of paper
  • Work Cited
    • Separate Page
    • title is centered (plain text)
    • double spaced!
    • Cite novel because you used quotations from it.
  • pg. 137 in APSM – but some changes – leave out place of publication AND medium

Notes for all:

  1. Mr. Talbot still needs your letter (what you want to do and why, where you want to go and why).
  2. Mr. Talbot also needs your resume.  Use the template from the previous post if you can’t find yours from last year.
  3. Keep reading!  We have over 11,000 pages read since the start of school – I want millions by the end of the year – millions!  Mwuhahahahaha!



Letter for Mr. Talbot


I hope you all got some good info from Mr. Talbot’s presentation today!

Since he is asking you to write him a letter about your goals and plans after high school, I am delaying the letter that I have asked you to write for me about your “story” for a week.  Please write Mr. Talbot’s letter (about where you want to go and why, what you want to major in, what you hope to do with your life) this week.  You can give it to me to give to Mr. Talbot, or you can leave it for him in the office.

Let me know if you have questions!  If you missed the presentation today, stop by the office to get your red envelope and all the information you need.

Resume Template


Magistra Moore