Poet Paper Project

Greetings!  This page contains much, if not all, of the information you will need for your research paper.  Please contact me with questions: kmoore@montgomerycatholic.org

DUE via turnitin.com: 26 February 2015


Some requirements/refinements will be added as the project progresses.

Use your MLA Handbook for citing sources, making your Works Cited page, quoting a poem, quoting another source, and anything else you might need to do that we have not covered in class.

Use the pages I provide to you for notes – feel free to use more sheets – they are posted below.

See rubric on turnitin.com (pending)

Here are other requirements:

  • at least 10 sources – from the AVL or a book from the library; if you are having trouble finding sources, PLEASE come see me!  I will be happy to help you!
  • MLA formatting all the way!
  • Poet biography
  • Poet career
  • Discussion of a poem from the textbook (or other book – if your author is not present in the textbook or you find another poem by this author you’d rather do – subject to approval); this is the analysis/criticism portion of your paper – choose a poem by your author from the textbook (or by teacher approval)
    • Through all this, you will become somewhat of an expert on your poet
  • Appendix containing poem RETYPED from the textbook/other source – if you cut and paste, the formatting will be off…

You will later read your paper out loud to the class at our Poetry Conference. Since you are all researching different eras, different poets, and different poetry types, this will be a time for you to learn about the other poets and poetry types. You also need to practice speaking in front of people. You will get a rubric for the speaking part later along with how we will present the papers.

I will also be doing a research paper and a presentation on one of my favorite poets, John Donne.


Print more as needed – the default is 3 or 4 separate sources per paragraph, but you can have more (and that would make you a better expert on your poet!).  These sheets contain columns with questions your research should be answering, but don’t limit yourself to just these questions – if you find something that piques your interest, follow it!

I have three pages here, one for each source.  Can you use one article for more than one paragraph?  Sure!  Just take notes on it with the research questions from the different paragraphs.  You must still have 10 different sources in your paper~  See me if you need more clarification.


Recommended databases from the AVL (Alabama Virtual Library) to research your poet: (Any database is fine, but these should have lots of info on your poet.  I recommend against using Student Research Center as it will not provide you with a citation.)

Literature Resources from Gale

Twayne Author’s Series

Scribner Writer’s Series

Britannica Encyclopædia – Academic Edition or Student Edition

EBSCOHost Search

Brit Poet Conference 



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