Research Paper: parenthetical-documentation – You can also look in your old MLA Handbook (pg. 213-232) or the Pocket Style Manual (pg. will get back to you on that – can’t put my hand on mine at the moment…sorry!) Also check out the link to the Owl at Purdue.  PLEASE NOTE: Review the Plagiarism Warning! plagiarism-warning

Your paper is due to some time on Monday, December 12th.  Make sure that you upload the correct one – you will not be given another chance to upload the correct one. Try to get it done and turned in early; that way, you can relax a bit (or study for finals!).

Final Exams:

Tuesday – Dec 13th – 3rd and 5th

Wednesday – Dec 14th – 4th and 1st

Thursday – Dec 15th – 2nd and 5th

Friday – Dec 16th – 1st

List of topics to review are listed on the board in my classroom.

I am available after school for help!