World Lit:

Narrative Essay – Due by end of day Oct 13th (turned in to me in my classroom – I will be here until 5:30)

1. Base it on a Proverb from pg. 130-131 in the textbook.

2. Quote the proverb at the beginning of your essay.  Use the intro to explain it.

3. Write a detailed narrative of your incident/event.  Use vivid imagery – word pictures that appeal to the 5 senses – to make your reader “see” what is happening.

4. Conclude explaining how this incident/event illustrates the African proverb you chose.

5. This is HANDWRITTEN.  You should have a rough draft AND a final copy.  Make sure that you actually edit your draft.

6. See me by Monday if you need help writing this.  You should work a little bit each day on this, and it will get done.

7. Good websites to check:;

AP Lit:

James Joyce’s “Araby” – How does the imagery, especially religious imagery, contribute to the coming-of-age theme of “Araby”?  This essay is due this Friday (14 Oct) – on

Notes on Araby