This week in AP English – we are going to explore short stories and how to analyze them as well as write another AP-style essay.  Also, upload your resume to our google classroom if you haven’t.  Poetry Response due this Thursday on the google classroom as well.

This week in English 12 – we are starting our first unit over ancient world literature.  It’s going to be EPIC!  Type your essay and upload it to by 9:30 pm on Thursday (9/8).  PLEASE see me in tutorials if you need any help with uploading up your paper, making sure it is in MLA format, making your Work Cited page, or anything else.

MLA Format Notes

  • Double spaced – the whole paper!
  • Margins – 1 inch all around
  • Left – MLA heading
  • Centered – Title
  • Left Aligned – all of paper
  • Work Cited
    • Separate Page
    • title is centered (plain text)
    • double spaced!
    • Cite novel because you used quotations from it.
  • pg. 137 in APSM – but some changes – leave out place of publication AND medium

Notes for all:

  1. Mr. Talbot still needs your letter (what you want to do and why, where you want to go and why).
  2. Mr. Talbot also needs your resume.  Use the template from the previous post if you can’t find yours from last year.
  3. Keep reading!  We have over 11,000 pages read since the start of school – I want millions by the end of the year – millions!  Mwuhahahahaha!