2nd and D Periods

Pride and Prejudice Readings for the Week:

For Tues, 3/8: Chp 37-39

For Wed, 3/9: Chp 40-42

For Thurs, 3/10: Chp 43-44

For Fri, 3/11: Chp 45-47; Quiz this day over Chp 37-47


A Period

Macbeth Notes for A Period

For Wed, 3/9: through Act I Scene 3 (what we don’t finish in class)

For Fri, 3/11: Act I Scene 7; We will have a quiz over Act I (the other scenes we will have read in class or I will assign as necessary – I am trying to avoid giving you much HW this week since you are writing two papers).


Magistra Moore