If you have not already checked your student email account (or you don’t remember your password or haven’t set it up yet), please respond to this survey about lunch at Bama Lanes:

Permission Slips and Money MUST be to me on Monday!

Next, please don’t forget your item on Monday (or Tuesday – food and orange juice can be brought either day – we could use the plasticware on Monday).

Dress for Tuesday: Prayer Breakfast T-Shirt, jeans or khakis (nothing tight! use the dress-down day rules), sneakers, and any MCPS sweatshirt or jacket (including sports stuff).

Below are the jobs for which people signed up.  If you think there is a mistake, please let me know as soon as you can.  Please be there at the appointed time.  If you are not scheduled to be there early for cooking and clean-up crews, please arrive at school at normal start time.  Come to the DBC.

We could still use a few people on Kitchen Clean-up and Greeters.  Everyone (except Kitchen Clean-up and Cooking Crew) will also be helping clean up the DBC and put everything away when we are done.

Finally, know that we are going to have a great time!  We may ask you to pitch in somewhere you didn’t plan to, but we wouldn’t ask you if we didn’t think you’d be great at it!

Have a great weekend!



Cooking Crew – arrive to DBC by 5:45


James Sadie, Tamrah Tucker, Dawson Pritchett (Cheyenne Hayes)


Katie Smith, Angel Padilla, Adam Bristol, Ledariane Moore, Hyuntaek Seo, Tomo Nekic, Danny Do, Nic Homsher


Antwan Parker, Frank Gonzalez


Morris Lottinger, Jakayla Turner, Denise Jaimes

Kitchen Clean-Up – arrive to DBC by 6:30 to start clean-up

Hugh Walker, Nate Smith, Skye Alexander, Choi


Cheyenne Hayes, Winston Wright, Michael O’Connor, Will Couey

Parking Lot

Jaylen Oden, Josh Davis, Ethan Ronan, Sully Fralish

Coffee Service

Devin Kelly, Ashleigh Little

Servers/Food Runners

Tori Barranco, Brian Anderson, Leah Taylor, Trey Downes, Michaelyn Foster, Kyle Hines, Julia Rodriguez, Sam McCracken, Kayanna McKenzie, George Sloan, Collin Stewart, Katie Slear, Connor Owens, Ansley Rohde, Auston Walden, Nadine Back, Johnathon Towle, Emily Rayborn, Camryn Denver

Decorators – after school on Monday – 2:45-until we finish (make sure you spoke with coaches, etc.)

Saxton Bibbins, Caleb Cobb, Gabby Dallas, Amber Gibson\, Kevin Leahy, Tae Wook Lee, Tyler Richardson, Blair Simmons, Iyana Tate, Zach Van Alst, Ale Vazquez, Lucy Waite, Solbi Park, Kyurin Kim, Lisa Hong, Jakayla Turner, Winston Wright