We have been working hard in English class at the start of this quarter! We are continuing our work on Frankenstein – we have a few assignments coming due on that novel:

  1. Discussion Board over Chp 17 due Thursday, Oct 29 – must be in by 11:59 pm.
  2. Victor’s Choice Essay – due Friday, Oct 30 – on by 11:59 pm.

We have had a good chunk of class time to work on the essay since the middle of last week. We have done a few activities in getting ready for the essay, revising the essay, and ensuring the essay has the correct MLA format. Tomorrow, after our brief DGP work, will be another work day on those two assignments. Some students have already completed their Discussion Board work (it is to post an answer to one question).

We also have a Poetry Response due tomorrow (Oct 29). That has been assigned since the first day of 2nd Quarter. Students have the option of printing the response or turning it in on in case of printer issues.

We will have another project on Frankenstein that will be due the week before Thanksgiving. Students have been apprised of the content of the project already so that they can be looking for places in the book to use. The whole project requirements will be given next week (I did not want it to interfere with the essay).

Please email me with questions:


Magistra Moore