This is for 2nd and D Periods only:

Many students struggled with our first essay. We wrote about a specific theme in Lord of the Flies. I am asking the students to print out their essays from WITH my comments. They will make changes ON THAT PAPER based on my comments. I will check that paper with corrections for a small writing grade. They will not rewrite the whole paper, but they will make corrections, additions, changes, etc., as indicated by the comments and the score on the rubric. They will turn in the paper printed from with their handwritten corrections.

This redo is due to me October 2, 2015 at the start of class.

This is a grade for everyone – even if you earned an A on your paper, there is always something you could have done to make it better.

PLEASE come to tutorials if you need help!

I will explain the procedure in class on Thursday – this gives a them a week.

Congrats on Field Day – we did pretty well!  Tug of War was especially fabulous!


Magistra Moore