Please remember to wear appropriate shorts on Field Day!  If you are not sure, please bring a longer pair to change into if your 1st choice does not meet the requirements.

Let’s show our spirit with face paint, hair spray, and yellow bandanas!

Event List:

(Note: We worked hard to get people into their choices, but so many people picked volleyball, that many of you did not get your first choice in that one – sorry!  If you have a question, please see one of your officers.  If you are mad, first see Mrs. Moore.)

What Events You are In
Adam Bristol Dodge Ball Academic
Adam Hall Soccer Dodge Ball
Ale Vazquez Soccer Tug Of War
Amber Gibson Tug of War Tiger Ball
Angel Padilla Cheer on Jrs
Ansley Rohde Volleyball
Antwan Parker Gotcha
Ashleigh Little Art Comp.
Audrey Kim Cheer on Jrs
Auston Walden Gotcha Dodge Ball
Ben Talbot Art Comp.
Blair Simmons Tug of War
Brian Anderson Volleyball Tug Of War
Caleb Cobb Injured
Camryn Denver Tug of War Kickball
Carson Scott Cheer on Jrs
Cheyenne Hayes Dodge Ball Tug Of War
Collin Stewart Tiger Ball
Connor Owens Tiger Ball
Danny Do Cheer on Jrs
David  Bender Dodge Ball Academic
Dawson Pritchett Tug of War
Denise Jaimes Tug of War Dodge Ball
Devin Kelly Cheer on Jrs
Emily Rayborn Tiger Ball
Ethan Ronan Soccer
Francisco Gonzalez Chess
Gabby Dallas Gotcha Fun Relay
George Sloan Tug of War 100 Yd Dash
Hugh Walker Cheer on Jrs
Hyuntaek Seo Kickball
Ivy Bach Cheer on Jrs
Iyana Tate Volleyball Dodge Ball Tug of War
Jakayla Turner Cheer on Jrs
James Sadie Fun Relay Soccer
Jaylen Oden Gotcha Tug Of War
JChoi Fun Relay
Johnathon Towle Tug of War Kickball
Joshua Davis Soccer
Joshua Koch Tug of War
Julia Rodriguez Fun Relay Soccer
Katie Slear Fun Relay Soccer
Katie Smith Cheer on Jrs
Kayanna McKenzie Volleyball Dodge Ball Tiger Ball
Kevin Leahy Cheer on Jrs
Kyle Hines Tug of War Tiger Ball
Kyurin Kim Cheer on Jrs
Lauren Smith Dodge Ball Soccer
Leah Taylor Kickball Tug of War
Ledariane Moore Fun Relay
Lisa Hong Cheer on Jrs
Lucy Waite Tug of War
Michael Barber Kickball
Michael O’Connor Volleyball
Michaelyn Foster Tiger Ball
Morris Lottinger Tug of War
Nadine Back Fun Relay Soccer
Nathan Smith Cheer on Jrs
Nicolas Homsher Kickball
Payton Dennis Kickball
Preston Beesley Injured
Riley Aaron Fun Relay Soccer
Sam McCracken Kickball
Saxton Bibbins Tug of War
Skye Alexander Cheer on Jrs
Solbi Park Cheer on Jrs
Sully Fralish Soccer
Taewook Lee Chess
Tamrah Tucker 100 Yard Dash
Tomo Nekic Soccer
Tori Barranco Tug of War Fun Relay
Trey Downes Volleyball Tiger Ball Kickball
Tyler Barranco Tiger Ball
Tyler Richardson Dodge Ball
Will Couey Fun Relay
Winston Wright Injured
Zachary Van Alst Tiger Ball


Magistra Moore