The PowerSchool servers are down; I have grades to put in/update, but I cannot until PowerSchool is restored.

All the vocab test redos for 2nd and D periods are complete, so I will be putting in Summer Reading Test grades as soon as I can.  I am still working on your Summer Reading packets, but I should be done with those soon.  I am now putting those grades in as I go (as soon as PowerSchool is back up.)

Please note that I am going to excuse the grade if you did not sign up for it on time.  You still must to sign up, but I will not leave a 0 there; I will just excuse the grade (so it will not count against you) when you sign up.  Please see me if you have questions or need help.

Next week, you will get your logins and passwords for the online textbook; please make sure you have purchased it through the MBS Direct Bookstore.

2nd and D Periods: Remember, you have a rough draft due on Monday, 31 Aug 2015.  You must have it printed and ready to go when class starts.  This is a Homework Grade.

Have a great weekend, and Go Knights!


Magistra Moore