I have so enjoyed all of our discussions over Lord of the Flies in class this week and last.

We as an English department would like for the students to have DGP Workbooks.  This workbook contains pages of notes and examples for the students to use when completing the practice each day.  It also cuts down on class time students need to copy down the sentence.

If we purchase in bulk, the DGP books only cost each student $7.  In order to expedite the process, we need the money to be in by next Monday (31 Aug).  As an incentive, I am offering any student who brings in the $7 by Friday (28 Aug) 10 extra points on his or her first DGP test.

We are really sorry to put this cost on you after you have paid your fees; there was a mix-up earlier, and it was not added to your fees.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

REMINDER: 2nd and D Periods – If you want to retake the vocabulary portion of the Lord of the Flies test, you must come during tutorials today, tomorrow, or Thursday (25-27 Aug).  If you cannot make these days, you need to meet with me about it ASAP – do not wait until Friday to tell me why you couldn’t make it.


Magistra Moore