Collaborative Essay on King Lear

Using Google Docs, write letters to each other about the paper topic, explaining how you would answer it – not in essay form, but as a letter between buds.

After each of you writes a letter, Partner A will write again, incorporating ideas from Partner B’s letter and fleshing out his/her first ideas.  Then, Partner B will respond in kind.  Now, you should be ready to write your paper.  You can divide up the writing work however you want; make sure that you pull your own weight.

The essay should contain 5 paragraphs.  The essay will be turned in on (receipt needed). You will print the letters from Google Docs to turn in.

To refer to the text, just put the word or words in quotation marks.  The lines are not marked on this sheet, or else I would have you also put the line numbers in parentheses after the quote, but you don’t have to do that IN THIS ESSAY ONLY because you don’t have all the tools you need.

Due 5 May at 11:59pm to – only one partner needs to submit the essay.  Please print the receipt and turn it in the next day for a grade.  You will turn in the printed letters on 6 May as well.

Literary Terms

syntaxword order

dictionthe word choices made by a writer

imagery“making of likeness” language to represent objects, actions, etc. – sensory or extra sensory experience

pathetic fallacyhuman feelings ascribed to the inanimate (like personification) – a great example of this is nature mirroring what is happening in the plot