I am still working on grading the research papers.  I want to make a good amount of comments on each one of them so that the students can learn from problems and get feedback on positive aspects.  They are taking me a long time to grade.  I will begin putting in the grades I have now because the students are able to access the papers and my comments starting today.  I am sorry if I haven’t gotten to yours yet – I will soon!

Many of the research papers have the same problems, and these problems stem from not following directions, having enough research, and not conforming to MLA format.  This is the third research paper we have done – one of the papers we’ve already done we did as a class, step by step.  Students should not be having problems with creating a correct Works Cited page or in-text citations.  We have done these together – modeled the proper way – yet the problems persist.  I will be releasing a more specific list of common issues later.

My plan is to get the tests from today graded and put in today/tomorrow.  The research papers will be done as soon as I can get them done.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will be reading Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton as the 4th quarter is starting.  This novel was on your book list at the beginning of the year.  Please make sure that you have this novel, ISBN: 743262174.


Magistra Moore