Greetings!  Here are some updates on the Prayer Breakfast (Mardi Gras 17 Feb 2015):

Please don’t forget your $20 or your item for the Breakfast!

Those signed up for Decoration – please be at the door closest to my classroom at 10:30 Monday morning (this is the day we’re off from school).  We should be done by about 1pm.

Those Cooking – please be at a DBC entrance about 5:30 Tuesday morning.  We have much to cook!

Those serving, working the parking lot, greeting, cleaning, and anything else will need to be at school about 7:00-7:15.  There will be some down-time, so bring your book to read!


Dress for the Prayer Breakfast will be our t-shirts and jeans with sneakers or other closed-toed shoes.  If a student does not want to wear jeans, pants (not leggings or yoga-style) are acceptable.

We will all clean up from the breakfast; my hope is to be out of here by 11:30 or so.  We will then go to Looney’s Super Skate for our bonding/celebratory activity afterward.  Permission slips are due Friday (short turn around, sorry!) and will earn a 5 point Bonus on the test average.  Permission slips brought Tuesday will be accepted, but no Bonus points will be earned.  If a student does not bring back the permission slip by Tuesday, the student will not be allowed to attend the after breakfast activity and will sit in the office.

Students will be released from Looney’s at 2:00.  Students who are allowed to drive themselves will be released there after they check out with me.  Students who are driven by faculty members will be brought back to the school for pick-up.

If a student is sick and will not be attending school Tuesday, please let me know via email as soon as possible so that I can cover that student’s job.  Thank you!

As always, email me if you have any questions.

Don’t forget to study your sonnet – Due Tomorrow (13 Feb 2015)!


Magistra Moore