Lent is almost upon us, and that means that the Annual Mardi Gras Prayer Breakfast given by the Junior class is here!

We need griddles and spatulas!  If you have an electric griddle, we would really love to borrow it!  Please label your griddle and spatula and drop it off at the High School office to Mrs. Kimbrough.

The Juniors have requested jobs and will be sorted soon.  We are getting most of the food and other items through our class fund, but we will need a few items brought in by the students.

Last names: Archer-Crenshaw: 5 lbs of Bananas

Last names: Daniels-Gilbert: Bag or Box of “Cuties” (small oranges)

Last names: Green-Micher: Gallon of Milk (any kind)

Last names: Mickles-Winston: Bottle of Orange Juice (no pulp or low pulp, please)

Thank you so much for supporting our Breakfast.  UNLESS you are bringing milk, orange juice, or bananas, please make sure that your item is brought in by Friday, February 13 – if you are coming to decorate on Monday, Feb 16th, you can bring your item then.

Also, please bring $20 by Thursday or Friday for the t-shirt and our activity afterward.



Magistra Moore