You all have been working hard these Work Days in class – thank you!

TPCASTT sheets on your research paper poem are due tomorrow, 30 Jan, at the START of class.  They will be counted late if turned in during or after your class period.  I will take off 10% if turned in late on Friday and 25% if turned in on Monday.  After that, it will be a 0.  I will still give you feedback, but you will not earn any points for it.

Please be working on your sonnet for the recitation grade.  It is due 13 Feb, but you can recite it early.

You should have at least 6 pages of notes completed or near completion for your research paper.  Remember, you need at least 10 sources.  The research paper is due 26 Feb.  One day late will get 10% taken off; two days late will get 25% taken off.  (The days refer to calendar days, not school days.  This is due on a Thursday, but the second day late will be the 28th, Saturday.)  If it is more than two days late, it will earn a 0; I will still give feedback, but you will not receive credit for the paper.

Continue reading your novel and completing the reading focus questions.  If I sense that students are not prepared, I will start giving reading check quizzes to reward those who are reading and to provide motivation to those who are not.

PLEASE see me if you are having any problems with the paper, the sonnet, or the TPCASTT sheet.

Book Talks: I have reduced the number of pages due this quarter since we have a lot going on.  Standard English now has 150 pages to read, and Honors must read 275 pages.

Mardi Gras Prayer Breakfast is 17 Feb.  We will be meeting next week at Activity Period to discuss.  You will need to bring in an item for the breakfast and $20 for the awesome t-shirt and our activity afterwards.


Magistra Moore