Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a great vacation – I did!  Our break has been too short, though…

To get started this year, we will be doing a few more typing drills.  I have listed them on the Typing Skills – Completion Grade.  You can get started whenever you want – pay attention to due dates, please.

We will also be doing independent research papers on a British poet.  You will be assigned one at random, and I will bring you through the process.  You will be writing a 5-page research paper (MLA style, of course), and you will share your information with the class as you read your paper to them.  This hits on the Speaking and Listening skills you must hone.

We will do one more big research paper before the end of year.

Please bring your MLA handbook to class by Tuesday.

We will be looking at some grammar issues mentioned by students from last semester.  We will also continue with DGP.

Enjoy your last day of vacation!


Magistra Moore