1st, 2nd, 4th Periods: Review all the literature we read this semester – that includes Lord of the Flies!  Pay close attention to symbolism…hint, hint.  Sounds like an essay topic.  Also – look over all the notes on historical happenings and literary vocabulary.

3rd Period: Reread “The Pardoner’s Tale” as you will be questioned on it on the final (since we didn’t take a quiz).  Your essay will deal, partly, with Lord of the Flies – brush up.  You will be writing a compare/contrast essay.  Remember to make the connections for your reader – don’t expect your reader (me) to do the work.

All classes – review MLA format and in-text citation format; review an old post about plagiarism.

Good luck – I will be around after school on Monday and after each day of finals if you have a question.  I’m also available via email – you know how to write a nice, professional one, so show off!

Good luck, Bonam Fortunam, Viel Gluck, and Bonne Chance!


Magistra Moore