Please be ready in class to recite the 1st 18 lines of the “General Prologue” to The Canterbury Tales on Thursday, December 4th – I will be available in tutorials, but that is for students who do not have time in class – everyone should be ready.  If there is time in class, and you do not take it, you will lose points off your final Recitation grade.


Here’s the rap again~

A study guide for the final will be given sometime this week.

Remember – DGP test next Thursday, December 11th; Book Talk pages due by Monday, December 15th.

Finals begin Tuesday, December 16th

Tuesday, December 16: 6th and 4th period finals

Wednesday, December 17: 3rd and 5th period finals

Thursday, December 18: 7th and 2nd period finals

Friday, December 19: 1st period final

Happy December!


Magistra Moore