Wow!  I did not realize how long it has been since I updated this website!  I am so sorry!  I am keeping the kids updated in class, but I know this is a great tool.

This last test over Old English was apparently tough.  I have gone over the test with the students.  We discussed the essay portion quite a bit.  It was a compare/contrast essay, but the majority of the students gave me plot summary and did not prove the thesis they wrote.  Some did not write a proper thesis.

Therefore, tomorrow (Friday, 10 October) the students will be rewriting the essay from the test.  This will count as a separate test grade (not added to the test), but it should help their test averages.  I went over different strategies for writing such an essay, and we practiced writing a thesis sentence together today.

The students should review Beowulf and the compare/contrast graphic organizer I gave them prior to the test.


Many students have not completed even their first Book Talk.  I am available after school for Book Talks, and Tuesday we will have Independent Reading and Book Talk day in class.

We have a DGP test on Monday, 13 October.


Magistra Moore