Here is a link to the take-home quiz over A Tale of Two Cities.  This is due April 29th.

Here is a list of some literary terms that may show up on this quiz, which is actually an AP style test over A Tale of Two Cities.  You get a taste of the AP test, what you will need to know for it, and a way to study for the novel test.  The novel test will not be nearly as hard as this take-home quiz.

**If you see any typos on the literary terms sheet, please let me know.  It is a work in progress.  Please also let me know if there is a definition that is not very clear.  Thanks!**

When answering the questions, if you are waffling between two answers, you can put both, such as:

1) A, C

If A is correct, you will get full credit.  If C is correct, you will get half credit for the problem.  You should not do this for every problem, though.  Since you can look up terms or concepts, you should not need to utilize this option for most problems.

Good luck!  This is on your honor – do not share your answers with others.  DO NOT DO the essay at the end – just the 50 multiple choice questions.


Magistra Moore