1) We will be going to ASF to see The Taming of the Shrew this Wednesday.  Please ask your student if he/she has turned in his/her permission slip yet.  Students MUST wear Mass uniforms on Wednesday.

2) Some students are having difficulty accessing the Alabama Virtual Library (AVL) from home.  I told all of them that they needed to get AVL cards from the public library to have a login.

3) Some students are having difficulty with the research process in general.  We have had time in class in the library to take do the research, but some students are still missing source card and note card deadlines.  I have given extensions, but students will not receive more than one.  Students must have pretty much all their research done by March 31st.  We will begin outlining and structuring our papers then, so not having their research completed will be a great detriment to their papers.  Some students may have to do more research after they start writing, but that is to be expected with research papers.  Please remind them to keep up with their research.

4) 5th, 6th, and 7th periods have a test over Chp 24-42 in Pride and Prejudice tomorrow.

5) 3rd period has literature circle information due tomorrow.

6) Hang on – Spring Break will be here soon!!!


Magistra Moore