I see that this quiz was more challenging than I had anticipated.  I will help with some studying strategies as we start Unit 2 this week, but I have an opportunity for students to increase their scores.

To increase score of Vocab Unit 1 Quiz:

  1. Have parent/guardian sign quiz (must be present when turned in on Wednesday, 2 October).
  2. Do corrections on a separate sheet, staple the corrections to the quiz, and turn in by Wednesday, 2 October.
  3. List the words you missed on the front page (fill in the blank portion), define them in your own words, and then write an original sentence that correctly uses that word.  This portion is due by Friday, 4 October.  (These are the words that should have been the answers to the fill in the blank sentences.)

All of these tasks must be performed in order for the quiz score to be increased.  Completion (with good answers) will bring up the student’s grade by a letter grade.  If a student already earned an “A,” the grade will be increased to a 99.

As the students are getting to know my expectations, I am happy to give them an opportunity to increase their scores.  This, however, will not occur very often.  The students, more than anything, ought to know these words, and my hope is that this point-earning opportunity will help them solidify the meaning of these words in their minds.


Magistra Moore